History Of Faculty

In 1926, the “Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering” was founded as part of the Science Faculty of Istanbul University (Istanbul Dar-ül Fünun). In 1934, the institute was bounded to “Yüksek Mühendis Mektebi” (Advanced Vocational School for Engineering), today’s Istanbul Technical University, as the Electro-Mechanic Division, which was the start of Department of Electrical Engineering. The first students of this division graduated in 1936.

To accommodate engineer requirements of PTT foundation, “Advanced Vocational School for Engineering Regulation” a “Muhabere İşleri Şubesi “(Section of Communication) was founded and Prof. Dr. M. Emin Kalmuk became the Director. In 1937 Electro-Mechanic Division’s Electric Section was merged with Communication Section under the name of Electric-Communication Section. In 1938, its name was changed to Electric Section of Electric-Communication Section. In 1941, “Yüksek Mühendis Mektebi” (Advanced Vocational School for Engineering) was renamed as “Yüksek Mühendis Okulu” (Advanced School for Engineering) and was put under the Ministry of Education. In 1944, Advanced School for Engineering was transformed to Istanbul Technical University. At that time, Electric Section was transformed to Faculty of Electric which was formed with two divisions: High Voltage (Electrical Engineering) and Low Voltage (Electronic and Communication Engineering). To obtain the “Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) in Electrical Engineering” degree, the curriculum was spread over five years until 1969. After 1969, the span of curriculum was reduced to four years and the title obtained was changed to Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in Electrical Engineering. As a result, the MSE degree was given to students who complete the 2-year graduate program following the 4 year-undergraduate (BSE) program.

In 1954 Maçka Technical School was founded. Its Electrical Engineering Department started education in cooperation with ITU faculty and in 1969 it was transformed to Maçka Faculty of Engineering and Architectonics. This new faculty’s Electrical Engineering Department was then established as Maçka Faculty of Electrical Engineering and joined to ITU Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1982.

In the same process, Low Voltage Section of ITU Faculty of Electrical Engineering was replaced by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, High Voltage Section of ITU Faculty was replaced by Department of Electrical Engineering and new Control and Computer Engineering Department was founded to meet the demands of developing technology. Also present Sections were grouped together to establish Divisions and in 1983 the name of the faculty became Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Department of Electronics and Communication was divided into four Divisions: Electronics, Communications, Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technique and Circuits & Systems. Department of Electrical Engineering was divided into two Divisions: Electric Power Systems and Electrical Machines. Department of Control and Computer Engineering was divided into two Divisions: Control and Automation Systems and Computer Sciences.

Graduate studies of the Faculty were carried out by reorganizing the Departments as Divisions under ITU Institute of Science and Engineering in the frame of Electronics and Communication Engineering MS/PhD, Control and Computer Engineering MS/PhD and Electrical Engineering MS/PhD Programs. Biomedical Engineering MS/PhD Program was also opened under Electronics and Communication Engineering Division.

Starting from 1996, as a result of restructuring process of the faculty, Contents of the Programs were modified. In 1998, Computer Engineering Department was founded. In 1999, Control and Automation Systems Division joined to Electrical Engineering Department. As a result of the same revising process, it was decided that Faculty would give graduates in five programs. Since 2001, Faculty have accepted students for three new Undergraduate Programs of Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Control Engineering and those programs are going to give their first graduates in the spring semester of 2005. With the present Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Programs, Faculty gives graduates in total of five undergraduate programs. Faculty Programs have passed the accreditation process and will be accredited in 2005.

One of the new undergraduate programs under ITU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the Information Systems Engineering which is offered jointly by ITU and State University of New York (SUNY). The program is based on year sharing principle for students between two Universities. The language of the Program is English and graduates have dual diploma from ITU Information Systems Engineering Undergraduate Program and Binghamton University Information Systems Program.

In 2002, all the Graduate Programs in ITU were revised. During those studies, Master and Doctorate Degree Programs under Faculty Departments were reorganized. Since 2002, Faculty Departments have graduate programs; those are Electronics Engineering MS/PhD Program, Telecommunication Engineering MS/PhD Program, Control and Automation Engineering MS/PhD Program, Electrical Engineering MS/PhD Program, Computer Engineering MS/PhD Program and Biomedical Engineering MS Program under ITU Institute of Science and Engineering.

Beside from aforementioned Master and Doctorate Programs, Faculty academic members, contribute significantly to DPT Advanced Technologies in Engineering Master and Doctorate Programs under ITU Informatics Institute that are Computer Sciences MS/PhD Program, Satellite Communication & Remote Sensing MS/PhD Program, Information Systems Design & Management MS/PhD Program and Informatics Institute Master Degree Programs.