Electrical Engineering Laboratories

  • Illumination and Indoor Installation Technique Laboratory
  • Electrical Power Systems Laboratory
  • Electric Power Distribution Automation Laboratory
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Nuclear Electric Power Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • High Voltage Laboratory

Electronics and Communication Engineering Laboratories​

  • Multimedia Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory
  • Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit (VLSI) Design Laboratory
  • ITU Duran Leblebici VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit) Measurement Laboratory
  • Circuits and Systems Laboratory
  • Electromagnetic Measurement and Imaging Laboratory
  • Introduction to Electronics and Analog Electrical Circuits Laboratory
  • Embedded Systems Design Laboratory
  • Communication Laboratory
  • Microwave Systems and Antenna Laboratory
  • Nanoelectronics and Computation Laboratory
  • Radar and Microwave Technology Research Laboratory
  • RF Electronics Laboratory
  • Neuroscience Modelling Research Group Laboratory
  • Signal Processing Laboratory
  • Wireless Communications Research Laboratory
  • Medical Electronics Laboratory
  • High Frequency Research Laboratory
  • Hadis Morkoç Electro-Optical Devices Laboratory

Control and Automation Engineering Laboratories

  • Industrial Automation Laboratory
  • Power and Motion Control Laboratory
  • Control Laboratory
  • Measurement Instrumentation and Process Control Laboratory
  • Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Robotics Laboratory